mardi 19 août 2014

Better Choose Your Hair Dryer

Investing in a hair dryer is an important choice to make but not risk-free. Choosing the best hair dryer for your hair is not as easy as you might imagine. It requires taking into account a set of decisive factors and criteria before saying “This is gonna be my hair dryer”.I hear countless women talk about Elchim and Parlux hair dryers as the most trusted hair dryers in the market today, but be careful, read and then decide.
Ergonomic design, power, curly hair, fine hair, thick hair  … a lot more criteria influence women’s choices in buying hair dryers. Without further ado read and discover how you can choose the hair that suits you and your budget.

Ergonomic Design

First off, let’s talk about your hair dryer’s weight. Bear in mind that the lighter is your hair dryer, the less cumbersome it is and the easier it is to manage. Buying a hair dryer weighing between 0.77 pounds to 1.10 pounds and is more compact would be less burden for your arm. This will also help you better dry the whole of your hair by reaching even the difficult areas of your head.   


When it comes to the attachments, choose them according to your specific needs: a narrow concentrator to refine your hair strands and work on short, medium long and fine hair. Long and thick hair requires, nonetheless, a wider concentrator. For curly hair, opt for a diffuser.


It should be recognized that heat harms the hair. Accordingly, to limit the harm level that might be caused by using hair dryers on our precious fibers, it is strongly advised to dry your hair quickly but surely. To achieve this, you should look for a hair dryer whose power is around 1600 watts allowing for quicker drying. But for short or very fine hair, a 1300 Watts’ blow dryer  is enough.   

In addition, a hair dryer featuring variable speed settings allows you to adjust the airflow to what you intend to do. For a perfect blow-dry, air has to be concentrated inside the hair for the curls to hold.

Cool Air 

The majority of hair dryers in the markets today feature a cool air option. You can blast cool air to lock the style you create into place. This option is also perfect for those having static hair.

The Ionic Technology  
 A hair dryer featuring the revolutionary ionic technology guarantees shinier and more natural results.  However, its strength comes from its capacity to tame even the most static hair. Many women actually have no idea how this ionic technology functions. Ionic hair dryers produce millions of negatively-charged ions and offload hair from the annoying positive ions.

Ionic hair dryers improve the effectiveness of hair care and ensure optimal protection for your hair.
Now that you have a crystal clear idea on which features are the most decisive, all you have to do is compare them with your budget and you are good to go. 

Do you have a hair dryer? What features does it have? How often do you dry your hair? What problems do you have with your hair dryer? Do you think you will change your hair dryer soon? Why?

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